Hello everyone today i come-up with new topic that is what are the best ways to get a job in short period of time without using any job boards. i know now a days everyone based on only on job boards. We are blindly believe those job boards dont think about other platforms. In first its gives more results in job boards but in 1000 our suitable jobs are 20 remaing all are irrelevent. In 20 your satiesfied jobs are 2 sometimes 0. depending on those job boards we are completely waster of time it may be 1 month or 3 months. everyone knows unemployment how worest and its sometimes gives depression. so,friends don’t depend only on job boards try to do your job search in other platform also. today in this article i place my favourite as well as working procedure are place i hope through these techniques everyone get the job within short period of time.

The techniques for doing job search are

1. Target Companies Directly

Targeting specific companies’ websites can be a one-stop shop for a new job. You’ll be able to research the company, gauge its brand and culture, and apply for a position all in one place.

2. Use Your School

Now a days in schools and colleges they are providing career placements try to utilize the opportunity.

3. Get Yourself Out There

if you want to get the job you can get througj refence of your friends. try to communicate with your roomates, or colleagues,appartments members etc. It will be helpful to recommended in their ofices.

4. Make the Jobs Find You

And if you still can’t seem to find any good options, make the jobs come to you: Create a website or online resume with the objective of enticing an employer to contact you